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In Fikar School, we believe that every child has his/her potential and passion. Those make him/her unique. We believe when we observe and guide his/her potential as early as we could, he/she will get optimum achievement in accordance to his/her potential and passion in the future. As the analogy we can think about two children who have the same ability, potential and passion. He/she who has trained since the early age will have greater achievement than one who trains in adolescent period. More

Our Teacher & Management

Mrs Vina

Mrs. Vina

Ervina Seli Rusiani/ Mrs. Vina
Mengajar : Agama Islam; PKn

Mr Syahru

Mr. Syahru

Syahru Romdani/ Mr. Syahru
English, Geografi, Sosiologi,

Ms Ekky

Ms. Ekky

Ekky Karmila/ Mr. Ekky
Mengajar : Ekonomi; English Matematika;Science

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"Lewat Fikar Homeschooling aku jadi bisa bagi waktu. Bisa ngejob juga tanpa ninggalin sekolah. hehe.. Tq Fikar! Sukses terus y...." Gisella Anastasia (Indonesian Idol 2008)"
gisel idol
Gisel Idol

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