Fikar School’s Constellation


Daily Class

Students will not only be taught with lessons but they will get involve in some projects and activities that enable them to get more understanding about the lessons by themselves. We apply Problem Based Learning method in teaching our students. By doing this, students don’t only understand the theory of some lessons but they are able to gain, at least, the third level of Bloom’s Taxonomy (applying).

Religion and Character Building Classes

One of Fikar School’s missions is to realize Indonesian youth who have leadership, entrepreneurship and religious spirit. To make the latter happen, we give students religion classes every week. This is not like the usual religion class that focuses on the teacher’s speech, but the materials given are more to the actions based on the religious value so students are able to directly apply those actions into their real life. When these actions are done and continuously supervised, students internalize the religious value and keep it until adults.

Furthermore, every human needs to have development in mind and mental (IQ and EQ) because the world will appreciate smart people with noble character, not the smarts without good behavior. Character building class has the purpose of making great personality students that will bring every great value of behaving to the real society. So, they will play their roles in society with a great manner in accordance with the norm and value applied in it.

Fieldtrip and Outing Classes

Fieldtrip and outing classes are learning programs that take benefits from the greatness of nature by using experiential learning where students who join these activities do not only face intelligent challenges but physical and mental challenges also. They are continuously formed to be an experience that utilizes students in facing more real challenges in social competition.

Extracurricular Activities

In order to facilitate students with different potential and talents, Fikar School organizes some extracurricular activities that can be done inside or outside of the school. We make some collaboration with some talent schools such as music school, football school and painting school to maximize students’ talents. By having some extracurricular activities suit the students, they can develop every talent they have and, finally, it can support their achievement of life plan that they have made before.

With the combination of all education concepts mentioned above, we work to realize generations that are not only great in academic but emotionally and spiritually great also.


coachingCoaching session is regularly and privately done by the Coach and each student of Fikar School.  There are three things that influence the coaching session. They are:

Talent Test

Talent test is done to analyze the intelligences that students have. It deals with theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner which categorizes intelligences into eight. They are:

  • Spatial – visual intelligence
  • Linguistic – verbal intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Music intelligence
  • Bodily – kinesthetic intelligence
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
  • Logic – mathematic intelligence

This is the first way but not the full determined thing in coaching session. It is used only as the basic framework of thinking about a student’s combination of intelligences that could be his/her potential.

Sharing Session

In sharing session, each student is going to build a plan for his/her future. It is going to be a lively discussion between the Coach and the student. The plan is going to be monitored, at least, once a month to control the on-going achievement of it.


Since no single talent test can have 100% accurate result, we make it only as one of the tools used in coaching session. We use observation as one of the effective tools to see students’ potentials. Every component of school is going to observe every student’s activities in school and discuss it in the teacher’s meeting. So the coach can get more overview to develop every student’s potential.

By doing those three things, we believe that we can explore, develop and maintain every student’s potential in Fikar School. Therefore, every student in Fikar School is going to grow well in accordance with his/her potential.

With the combination of all education concepts mentioned above, we work to realize generations that are not only great in academic but emotionally and spiritually great also.