Culture Habit

Culture HabitCulture Habit Fikar School

Culture Habit is the content of character education at Fikar School which is oriented towards maximizing efforts to provide systematic good influence to students so that it emerges from the child’s awareness of having good character and becomes a habit so that it becomes a culture wherever the environment he is in. The culture habit program will make the school and the family work together to shape the child’s character for the better.

Culture Habit Fikar School

Benefits of learning culture habits for students
Manfaat belajar culture habit

Be responsible for your own behavior

Bertanggungjawab terhadap prilaku sendiriHave dreams and goals in life

Memiliki cita-cita dan tujuan hidupHave a priority scale in life

Memiliki skala prioritas dalam kehidupanBeneficial for the surrounding environment

Bermanfaat bagi lingkungan sekitarHave good Lifeskills

Memiliki Lifeskill yang baik

Have good Lifeskills