Based on the Multiple Intelligences theory, each child has a different combination of intelligence that makes him unique. At Fikar School, we work to guide and direct students to explore their own talents and interests to produce quality individuals as output.

In addition, we focus on education based on entrepreneurship, leadership and character which is brought to the classroom through activity-based learning. This gives students the opportunity to experience the learning material for themselves because every child is born to learn. He learned by experiencing activities since he was a baby.

With this method, Fikar School will create superior people holistically.

Fikar School’s Vision

Creating a generation of people with good character in accordance with human potential

Fikar School’s Missions

  • Creating an Indonesian generation with strong character and noble morals
  • Creating a generation of Indonesians who realize that they are unique and superior in their potential
  • Creating a generation of Indonesians with leadership, entrepreneurship and religious spirit


  • Producing quality graduates who have faith and devotion to God Almighty,
  • have an entrepreneurial spirit, broad insight, discipline, have a work ethic and are able to compete internationally.
  • Producing quality graduates according to their potential
  • Developing science, technology, arts and culture to support national development