Daily Class

Students will not only be taught the lesson but they will be involved in several projects and activities that allow them to gain more understanding of the lesson itself. We apply the Problem Based Learning method in teaching our students. By doing this, students not only understand the theory of some lessons but they can acquire, at least, the third level of Bloom’s Taxonomy (applying).

Religion dan Character Building Classes

One of Fikar School’s missions is to create a young generation of Indonesians who have a spirit of leadership, entrepreneurship and religion. To accomplish the latter, we give students weekly religion classes. This is not like religion classes in general which focus on teacher lectures, but the material provided is more about actions based on religious values ​​so that students are able to directly apply these actions in real life. When these actions are carried out and monitored continuously, students internalize religious values ​​and maintain them into adulthood.

Furthermore, every human being needs to have intellectual and mental development (IQ and EQ) because the world will respect smart people who have noble character, not smart people who do not behave well. The character formation class aims to form students with great personalities who will carry every noble value in behavior into real society. So that they will play their role in society well in accordance with the norms and values ​​that apply therein.

Fieldtrip dan Outing Classes

Field trips and outing classes are learning programs that utilize the greatness of nature by using experiential learning where students who take part in these activities not only face intellectual challenges but also physical and mental challenges. They continue to be shaped into an experience that utilizes students in facing more real challenges in social competition.

Extracurricular Activities

To facilitate students with different potentials and talents, Fikar School organizes several extracurricular activities that can be carried out inside and outside school. We collaborate with several talent schools such as music schools, football schools and painting schools to maximize students’ talents. By having several extracurricular activities that suit students, they can develop every talent they have and ultimately support the achievement of the life plans they have previously made.

With a combination of all the educational concepts mentioned above, we work to create a generation that is not only great academically but also great emotionally and spiritually.


Coaching sessions are carried out regularly and privately by the Coach and each Fikar School student. There are three things that influence a coaching session. including:

Talent Test

Aptitude tests are carried out to analyze students’ intelligence. This is related to the Multiple Intelligences theory by Howard Gardner which categorizes intelligence into eight. that is:

  • Spatial – visual intelligence
  • Linguistic – verbal intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Music intelligence
  • Bodily – kinesthetic intelligence
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
  • Logic – mathematic intelligence

This is the first method but is not something that is completely determined in the coaching session. It is only used as a basic framework for thinking about the combination of student intelligence that can become their potential.

Sharing Session

In the sharing session, each student will build their future plans. This will be a lively discussion between coach and student. The plan will be monitored at least once a month to control its achievement.


Since no single aptitude test has 100% accurate results, we use it as just one of the tools used in coaching sessions. We use observation as an effective tool to see student potential. Each school component will observe every student activity at school and discuss them in teacher meetings. So coaches can get a better picture of how to develop each student’s potential.

By doing these three things, we believe we can explore, develop and maintain the potential of every student at Fikar School. In this way, every student at Fikar School will develop well according to their potential.

With a combination of all the educational concepts mentioned above, we work to create a generation that is not only great academically but also great emotionally and spiritually.